Hello, welcome to the Techgnostic Institute.

The Techgnostic Institute has been created to explore the opportunities within the current age of information management and content creation. How we view ourselves is becoming more dynamic everyday. We have an unprecedented opportunity to revise our relationships and create a new paradigm that is based in the reality of our movement towards the future. What we imagine ourselves to be like then will guide us into those positions. I would like this place to facilitate a dialog that examines the current limitations of anachronistic thinking and formulates solutions. Working together we can lift each other up. I know so many people that are all looking for something similar; we need to come together and create a network to find it. The old technology of separation thinking and binary logic is wearing out. Nature is growing up through the cracks and urging us towards our next phase of evolution. I am calling this movement, Techgnosis.

Techgnosis is about finding the balance within the whole. Its about recognizing that the technology we create in the future is not material, but spiritual in nature. All of our material creations are complex reflections of ourselves. How we interpret or hear those reflections will determine how free we are to continue creating. The future will be built on information.

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