Maybe this is one path towards the goal. To simplify, break the story into two story lines or lines of force. One line is a one way stream of information like light from the sun. The other is a two way line of force. It receives input as well as producing output. Of course the truth is that this model doesn’t exist, everything moves both ways but for us humans the scale of the universe keeps our perceptions fairly broad. We miss the subtleties because of the scale within which our senses actually work, (our eyes don’t see into the ultraviolet for example). Two streams of force are enough to ponder and can imply a third. The first one is tied to time. It appears to us as though it moves forward in a linear march. Time doesn’t take input very well. Gravity, the wind, nature in general moves forward in a dynamic but steady way. Humans and our consciousness exist within the linear paradigm but we are tuneable through the adaptation of consciousness. Because of that we have the ability to transcend time. Information does this. Our genes do this. But how is this useful?

I want to shine like the sun. In my own way. The sun does what it does without question. It has found its dynamic equilibrium. Because of that it gives to the universe its gift of light and heat. Then things tune themselves to fit the new harmonic. To be like the sun IS a goal. To find my place and reflect the light of the people around me so that they can see their beauty. I have found that I can rarely tell anyone anything. Over stimulated by words anyway, people don’t need to hear anything from outside themselves anymore. Its as though our ability to input information has become clogged and we are becoming more like the first line of force.

I wonder about the effects of media on our evolution and this is one of those effects. That we have become less able to learn through words. I believe that media is some sort of organic expression of our humanity and that there are lessons to learn about ourselves through it. One of these new lessons may be to become more like the sun. If we are turning down our input volume we must be enhancing our output volume (clearly). What has become important is what we are outputting. If I project, loudly my nonsense ego beliefs I would be doing less of a service than listening to my soul/humanity and then outputting heat and light (watch a log burn for an example). I acknowledge that there is process involved but that if people are listening less to outside sources maybe we are listening more to our insides, our hearts. My goal in this year is to become more like the sun. To be effortless in being. To minimize internal resistance and illness while burning brighter and brighter. My life force is the combustion that takes place in my solar forge as the soul of my self meets and transmutes the physical world of my body.