If its true that the universe is a positive form building system (no energy lost) then negation in our own minds is useless. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want because both will produce results. Negative, or “no” states are as much an action as anything. Our movement through time is still forward. The essence of Akido is the redirection of momentum. This is a great model for all of our actions. If we see events as moving, dynamic processes we are less likely to get emotionally caught in the repetitive cycle of negation as a means of escape. Instead, if we can learn to think of ourselves in a stream of moments and our actions as the redirection of moment-um we can take the next step in a positive direction. I feel that negation may be a script to retire as I attempt to work in more harmonious ways with my environment. I can’t change the things that I know are not good for us but I can avoid producing more of those things. Peacefulness is an action.