This video is a wonderful example of the process of enlightenment in action. It shows in slow motion a transformation from one state to another. The process of emergence is whats interesting. The popped state always existed in the kernel as metadata but it took specific environmental circumstances to bring about the new form. Contained within those circumstances are the things that had been overcome, things taken for granted. (dryness of the air) Plus the energy that needed to be put into the kernel (heat). Its conditions plus energy that bring about the radical change of form. This is true for us humans as well. I call it getting out of our own way. Setting the conditions. Tuning your perceptions. Simply living in a state of awareness. If our common end point is that transformation, its in our interests to create the conditions that would allow it to manifest. The only thing that keeps us from achieving the enlightened transformation is the noise of the karmic process that living eventually overcomes. I have said it before, our actions feed back and create who we are. We must live through actions that produce the conditions needed to bring about enlightenment. The energy is in the universe around us but its up to us to focus on creating the pathways for that energy. Hence the innate stress that wrong action brings. We are like compasses with our direction built into our structure. Learning how to read your own personal compass is a life time lesson.