This topic is for me one of the most difficult thoughts to put into words. To begin simply, I have noticed that “fun” is not related to money and consequently the value of the experience engaged in is dissociated from the “price of admission”. I know this seems obvious. However, I think it is an excellent entrance into the critique of value in culture and an illustrative point highlighting the glossy sheen of mediation that mentally separates us from direct experience.

In the post, “peacefulness is the dark matter of the mind” I learned that states of being exist whether we perceive them or not. In the water of the pond all states exist from stillness through wave form all the way into gaseous atomization. The states manifest in relation to the amount of energy put into the system. Although not visible at all times the potential for manifestation does exist. Its as though the information of how to behave is stored in the very structure of the water itself. Then, in reaction to the environmental conditions (energy) those states appear. What is important are the three variables, stored information (potential characteristics), environmental influence (energy put into the system) and the reception/perception of the viewer (for which we need to consider as an affecter).

The classification of experience is like the continuum of states that the water moves through. Experiences are quantifiable using the three parameters outlined above. The characteristics of the given experience, its verbness. ie eating, playing, swimming, listening, conversing etc… is what guides our engagement through time. How we perceive those characteristics determines the amount of energy we put into the experience and again the amount that we receive as it accelerates through its states of being, like the water. This then feeds back into us and is a natural amplifier moving us through our states of being in the process of living. If you engage experiences that have limited range of manifestation you can only amplify them and yourself to a limited state of being. Seeking the most fulfilling experiences is a universal quest that makes embodiment more pleasurable. The food you eat, the friends you have all feedback into your verbness, who you are. “Find the best, except the rest”. Is the neopostmodernist adage.

Its looking like the best might be the simplest as we emerge through the arse of postmodern devolution. Bread not baked by the corporations but by your friend has less stuff in it but has more value because of the energy put into the process of changing the states of flour yeast and water. See the Japanese ritual culture for other examples. What we used to think was primitive, in the future will be seen as advanced because we will have gone through, tested and found to be in error what we believed were advances. The residual “Space aged” ingredients baked into our culture will be illuminated and seen as the garbage they are, unnecessary waste. And so with our experiences…we need to connect ourselves as agents in the manifesting of accelerated consciousness. The End…result of our lives spent in effort of what? If not improving our relative situation and ourselves within it.
Which brings me to the quality of experience. I think Christopher Alexander is on the right track. Most philosophical architects recognize that space is more about the quality of the human experience in relation to the container than the container of space itself (most times the container is simply the expression of ego) Valuing money is like valuing the container and an ego gratification of the builder/owner/holder. Energy in that example flows in one way. Creating the illusion of power for the owner. The error in assigning value to money and money to experience is that the money becomes the value filter and the experience comes second. If this gets repeated enough it becomes a glossy illusion that keeps us pursuing the value of money instead of valuable experiences. Its like our focus is off by one click. Your own internal “fun” barometer is a great way to begin separating valuable experiences from their cost. One word..”PLAY”.

I think this is getting a bit long so in closing, Your living breathing self is an amplifier for the environment around you and your environment is the potential characteristics to be amplified by you. Find good environments that give you good experiences as measured by your internal fun meter. The process of living is the dynamic integration of yourself within your environment. Begin recognizing the experiences that make you feel more alive and be aware of consistencies between them. Then practice “Finding the best and excepting the rest” Yes I spelled excepting that way on purpose. D