After learning a good deal about patience in the last month, I was given my reward. A breakthrough understanding about the nature of peacefulness. For a long time I have been very skeptical about the concept of peace. I have seen so many people hiding behind the shield of inaction and claiming to be at peace when I could feel that they were far from it. It is as though circumstances had become so out of control in their lives that claiming peace was the surrender that afforded protection from the dynamic environment. This never sat well with me. Should I be at peace even while the situation in the world was deteriorating. If so what was the point of any action? And so in a series of dynamic restructuring events in my life I found myself forced into patience. Unable to take any action while going through the movements of occurrence. Its a weird space to see everything in complete upheaval, knowing it to be in my best interest yet unable to steer. Much like being in a natural disaster. Probing for the path here and there and not finding it. Then when you do find it it is fresher than you remember and made of the stuff of the universe. Not being able to step foot on it yet until the past is in order, this is where the patience lies. Seeing the obstacle and flowing around it without it affecting you. This is patience. The mechanism that water uses to erode solid rock over time is patience.

While sitting patiently waiting for the path to open up I start looking into the science of dark matter. I find out that 23 percent of the universe is dark matter and 72 percent is dark energy. You will have to do your own research to find out how they get these numbers. Hint, it has to do with gravity. They call it dark because it can’t be seen. Okay youre telling me that the visible world is only 5 percent of the universe! Uh….Wow thats great. So I start thinking about my question of peace and action. It goes like this.

Action is measured as movement from one state to another through time. If the the universe is only 5 percent visible then visible action can only be 5 percent of the universe. What is an action doing the other 95 percent of the time? Sitting patiently in its own potential for change. This correlates with much of the learning I have done through out my life. But if my rational mind (visible) is only working a measurable 5 percent of the time, where am I the rest of time? 95 percent of me resides in potentiality (yet to manifest/measure). This has huge implications about how we see ourselves. Another example is the classic seed metaphor. What is a seed doing before it becomes a plant? Waiting patiently for the right conditions. Waiting is an action even though it is not visible. Gandhi, as he sat in peacefulness harnessed the 95 percent of the universe unseen to the British who were focused on achieving, at most 5 percent changes in the physical world. Our government is also focused on a 5 percent ineffective scheme to bring change to the world. Oops. So peaceful action has the ability to gather great sums of energy beyond what we can imagine. Is this how miracles work?

Another example is the rock dropped in the pond that creates ripples. The ripples are only 5 percent of the reality observable to us humans. The ripples are only one potential state manifested by the water. There an infinite series of states available to the system, water. Where are they hiding? I think they exist in that 95 percent non visible space. Waiting for conditions to allow them to manifest. Our biology limits us to a specific set of frequencies that are recorded by our organism. Evolution towards enlightenment becomes not a fancy idea but a practical endeavor allowing us to engage our environment with more resolution to our understanding. In the same way that we have always adapted to changing conditions. I want to see the multiple states of all actions. I want to escape my binary logic gates. I will explore through peacefulness the unseen universe with love as the guiding frequency. Thank you.