Who we are is relative to the environment we construct. When we wake up in the morning it is the things that surround us that guide our memories to the basin of attraction that we consider personality. As our brains wake up, the firing of neurons complete connections that set up the loops that we run that guide us into our interaction with the world. We can transmute the loops of residual self image from one “is” to another “is” by putting ourselves in a state of superposition and architecting intention upon re emergence. Media works by allowing us to abstract or test in a virtual like space, the changes we might like to produce in ourselves. Unfortunately our current media structures reinforce changes that might not be benefiting us now. How can we change this to reflect who we would like to see ourselves to be in the future? Who were we before our history was hijacked by technology? Were there ways of being that have been forgotten that would aid us in the future? For example Meister Eckhart believed in a residual self image that could only be seen in the reflection of God and spent his life building an environment from his abstraction of perfection. Religion has been a persistent media that functions very similarly to the current media structures. The spiritual world operates using the same type of abstraction as media with a different set of programs running on its surface. All with the intent of creating recursive behavioral loops within us. Value can be read as repetition in this system. Repeating values set up reinforcing resonance that builds into amplitude capable of doing work, making changes. The changes are of equal importance to the repetition and must be built into the new system. Dynamic equalibrium can only function in a dynamic environment. Allow for your own changes to be made while moving from loop to loop. This is what creates real power outside of our current conceptions of the word.