The expression of our consciousness through our material creations leads me to conclude, that consciousness functions as one continuous mobius like sphere that extends outward and inward weaving together the finite with the infinite. Separation is an illusion in the mind of the universe. To separate is an egoic trick that developed from some past evolutionary necessity that needs to be re evaluated. We can see in the newfound mass awareness of global warming that while the effects are examined the overall process remains elusive. The reasons even more so. What I mean is that by focusing on the details exclusively (separating from the whole) we miss the overall expression of this global event. The environment is our greatest unifying factor. Its a closed loop system that does give us feedback. Regardless of the boundaries of nationality or land mass, the environment of this earth contains us all. When climate change is seen around the world it puts us all back into the same space and forces communication. Another example would be if there were no power companies to fix your electricity when it goes out on your block. It now becomes a group problem with each person communicating and reasoning and testing, all working together to fix the problem themselves. The cells in our body all work together to form one whole. The system of unification is built into this place. It is simply our desire to gain perceptual power through individual ego expression that moves us away from unity. This does not mean unifying under one belief or one anything. It is not something we have seen on this planet before. Its the next step forward. As unique individuals empowered as free agents with the necessary resources to begin to express a set of ideas contained within our conception of the highest good we will move forward.

But it starts locally. As locally as you can get, within your own body. Science has given us the data we need to keep ourselves healthy. Eat simple foods and exercise. If you feel good inside you have one point of reference to compare the other things around you. Do they make you feel good or not. You will start to find that the things you need become easier to obtain. Your signal to noise filter gets tuned to your frequency. The effects begin to propagate and amplify. At some point there is such a deep connection between your consciousness and your environment that the two merge and you realize that they were never separate. Like a simple answer to what appears to be a complex riddle. Slowly this expands to embody all of the things you see around you. With your agency intact, you will feel compelled to shape your man made environment into an image of this feeling. So it appears in the same form that the ego manifestation does but the process and outcome are vastly different. The seat of creation has shifted into the next twist of the spiral upwards. You become a partner in the process of co creation. The points where your consciousness ends and the environment and the people and their creations begin starts to become harder to differentiate. Fun