One good thing done for yourself leads to another. The positive feedback that you get from actions that are truly beneficial should build on one another until a path of least resistance opens up. The next good thing to be done can be seen more clearly. The definition of “what is good for you” is unique to each and every individual yet is comprised of similar attributes. I believe that the most important one is an intangible but palatable sense of well being. When you are going the right way there is a sense of peace. Effortless movement into the future, moment to moment. Heading in line with the harmonic resonance established in our environment at the time of the big bang. This couples with your own unique note to build a chord that sings through all aspects of your life. If something in your life is disharmonic its feels like someone playing the wrong note in a chord. Before you can navigate accurately you have to tune your life and the things in it. The most effective way to do this is to reduce the number of things taking attention. Basically you want to take a vacation from all of your stuff. I know that the material goods that we surround ourselves with are the things we use to ping an image of our conception of self but often we change more dynamically than our stuff or in other words, we outgrow it.

In the process of shedding old layers of reflected environment we will start to be able to identify our internal directions as opposed to the needs of the things that we surround ourselves with. Throughout this process when struggling with whether to keep something or not, ask yourself if this thing represents the best possible you, your highest potential? Does the thing represent you in the future when you have chosen to live in the best possible space for who you see yourself to be? If not, let it go. The secret that emerges is that you don’t need any thing to tell you who you are. If you evaluate these things on the basis of need you find quickly that you don’t need any of it. The sun rises and so do you. Towards the end of this exercise the concept of signal to noise ratio will become clear. Start looking around at the environment beyond your immediate surroundings and marvel at the amount of stuff you don’t need. This is all “noise”. Like SPAM competing for your attention, taking up space in your brain, in your eyes and ears. The signal to noise ratio of the commercial landscape in america is clogging our ability to live lives in pursuit of real happiness. It has become very difficult for most people to know which direction is a step into greater harmony. It has been made hard to know what is really good for us anymore. We trust scientists and outside experts before we trust ourselves. Its a cycle that keeps us off balance.

Its not impossible to get back on track. Stepping away from disharmony and into the last library of truth that we have on this planet, nature, can be the pattern interrupt we need to calibrate our compass. To see that it functions without any human intervention is a simple reminder of the direct path. We attribute many characteristics to nature that we wish to see in ourselves. Its time to bring those to the front of our attention.