We have become so alienated from our lives through the mediation of information that the balance between direct experience and the simulated experience provided by the Spectacle has become unweighted. The term, signal to noise ratio is an excellent metaphor to describe our situation. For example if your e mail account is 50 percent spam and 50 percent messages you care about, your signal to noise ratio is 50/50. At 50/50 the value in having the account in the first place should be questioned. Look around us at our mediated environment and separate what is valuable and what is not, or “spam”. You get the idea. The line has blurred. What no one considers is the effect this process has on us as people. It would take many a lifetime to scientifically explain the thing we all feel within us; that our manufactured culture does not have our best interests in mind. The market does not give a splat about us nor our government. Logic has betrayed us. The thing that has made sense no longer does. Logic pulled us out of the darkness, thank you, but now it has put us into a very matrix like set of scenarios and its using our life energy for the perpetuation of systems that no longer benefit us.

Machines are predictable. The one thing we have going for us is creative dissent. And if we are to survive we are going to have to step out of the machine world and do the unexpected. Direct experiences, however we define this are always chaotic. The first bite of an organic tomato cannot be told to you but must be experienced. Love cannot be sold to you. Things like this are “real” although often we have forgotten them in the chatter of our evaluation of the information coming from our environment. Subjective experiences have been devalued by our objective systems. Feelings are considered less valuable because they are intangible. This comes with the assumption that all feelings are subjective and lacking in logical proof. Yet we find much agreement when things are beautiful. We do not need objectivity to tell us what tastes good or feels good. By only focusing on the objective, as our society has trained us to do we lose a huge portion of meaning in our lives. We need to find value in the subjective again. Even if we could bridge the gap between subjective and objective it would be a start. It wouldn’t matter if the institutions disappeared if we knew that our lives were good even without them. By keeping us entertained the current system keeps us jailed within it because we couldn’t imagine ourselves without it.

The next generation will know very little about racism and bigotry. The walls of separation are falling everyday. In their dust we should see the false beliefs that held them up and turn away from our errors. Unity is coming without regard for the control systems currently in place. The solution will be to embrace our similarities and nurture our differences so that the bonds between humans become stronger than any falsity created by men who attempt to control the masses. Anything that stands in the way of our next step in evolution will only slow us down but never stop us. We are nature. We will move freely as the wind through your imposed borders. We will no longer recognize your authority because we answer to our hearts and the laws of the natural world. We are no longer animals to be herded like cattle. Our evolved minds are not interested in destroying each other. We proclaim that war is over. We want our victory over the last phase of existence to be rewarded with freedom. Freedom from the man made systems enslaving us to mechanisms of thought that use us for their own benefit. We want to navigate within our world using our senses as guides rather than the oppressive regimes of the past. Your creations will crumble from disuse under these desires. Once we find ourselves we will no longer need the negative reenforcement of the totems that have shaped how we see ourselves. Our future will be built on the foundations of information you had not even considered. The acceleration into time and its ever moving spiral upward will bring us back around to where we have been with new understandings and tools and we will build anew the structures that lift us even farther into ourselves and the future. The future you offer us is unacceptable. We will not be complacent components supporting your power. We are self realized individuals with the agency to create the world that we want to live in. Your future is continued embattlement and war and separation and destruction and oppression. These clothes no longer fit us, they were hand me downs from generations of the failed past. If we must we will make our own clothes in the image of our highest selves. Everything around us will be the reflection of our best and we will do this out of the love of our existence and thankfulness for the ability to create as in all of us. So it is now.