Decentralized networks of empowered individuals create strong bonds that knit together groups of people who see their advantage within their diversity. There doesn’t have to be density in these groups to create strength. Putting human interaction in its rightful position means encouraging autonomous agents to recognize their power in unity. This is what constitutes a good relationship. A decentralized network is a parallel processing bundle who’s sum is more than its parts. The details within the individual components are secondary to the unique way those are expressed within the group. The potentiality for overcoming challenges is exponentially multiplied by the number of freethinking individuals involved in solving the problem. If the challenge is seen as a limitation to the expression of the individuals participating in it then becomes everyones interest to overcome the limitation. This is a complex unity which should be dynamic in nature. In fact nature has already written the operations manual for this complex dynamic unity.

The lone wolf, rugged individualist ideal actually fails in nature. The past belief was that if you could hit the hardest you were the strongest. Unity was employed as another conceptual trick to try to get groups of people to stay separated from other groups of people outside of the first groups definition of “unity” The idea being that more people hitting would hit harder. The fact that the definition was ambiguous enough to be flexed showed that the real power was not in the amassing of like minded individuals but the control of the information surrounding the definition. This is where we are at today. We have the power together to flex those definitions into something new. The individual who rigidly believes his own definitions finds himself on a very lonely disempowered island driving their military inspired SUV while wrestling in his mind with justifications like, “its a free country I can do what I want”. But this is actually a very sad condition. The isolation that starts deep in someones mind may have come from their past in an environment that took away their individual agency and spawned a lifetime of searching for their power in the material world. The real power today is in adhesives.

The things that bind us together, the intangibles of helping individuals off of their islands will be the currency of the future. The value of the content we create not for the advertisers but for each other should define our occupational worth. Our success will be measured by the amount of individual, creative problem solving power that we bring to the group. What we say to each other should be evaluated by the amount that it heals the whole. Separation is dead. Long live communication. Long live the network.